Be Gentle to Yourself


The end of the year. That time we reflect, we chastise and we berate ourselves and promise to try harder next year. Next year we will be thin, fit, organised, fabulous. We can do it. All the excess of the festive period is behind us, we’re ready for the new us.

What nonsense!

We are enough as we are. We should take the New Year reflections seriously but use them to review what we got right this year. The mornings we did get round to making a green smoothie to start our day, the week we managed the exercise class and the times we drove rather than imbibe at a night out. These are the tiny successes we should congratulate ourselves with, build on. Use to create habits which benefit us and our

Resolutions made on the morning after are the least likely to be upheld. Unrealistic goal setting will lead to failure and disappointment and don’t we beat ourselves up enough already?

Here’s my advice should you want it:

  1.  Take small steps daily to try to improve your life. Inside and out. Too much of our society focusses upon how we look and not what we do. Some of the most beautiful people I know are those that give of themselves freely. Those who volunteer, who help out, who put themselves out for others. Those who forgive, who care, who contribute. Beauty and strength cannot be measured by appearance.
  2. Try to increase your intake of plants and fruits. Forget weight loss and think about health gain. My mantra. The more you rely upon health giving food the better you feel both physically and the effects on your body can be marvellous. I promise it can be as simple as that.
  3. Try to reduce your beige food intake. Think colour in your diet. Eat a rainbow daily.
  4. Never, ever embark on a diet. If you want to, ask me about my Kickstarter plan to a happier, healthier you.
  5. Take a moment to think how wonderful you already are. All of the things that you are getting right and how many people around you rely on you. Only you and just as you are.

Happy New Year!!



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