You’ve always been a food crank: A day in the life of a health food freak


It’s been a while since I posted a food diary. So I thought I’d do an update of where I’m at these days.

Since the first of September I’ve been vegan, avoid processed sugars and processed foods and have limited my alcohol and caffeine intake quite dramatically. I drink occasionally and moderately and have one small fresh coffee daily. Maximum.


Results? My skin is bright and clear, my hair is shiny and my nails are stronger (although a set of super sharp new kitchen knives means my nails are also suddenly very short – oops!). I have oodles of energy and I feel quite marvellous thank you. I’ve shredded all my additional body fat and am now completely lean. The weight loss has been very gradual and no one seems to have noticed, or at least they have not commented, so I guess I must look well. I have noticed some shape changes. My waist is substantially smaller and my rib area and upper arms are definitely noticeably slimmer.  My stomach is flatter and there are abdominal muscles which were a little bit hidden before. In short, I look pretty much as I did when I was running 20+ miles a week doing cross country. These days I’m restricted by a dodgy knee so brisk walking is all I can manage but my body has returned to those fitter days. Which makes me happy because I feel strong and am loving the plant powered me!

In terms of my ‘Think Shrink’ programme to try to manage my tumour, it does feel a bit smaller and flatter. I know, I know, it’s probably wishful thinking or that my glands have subsided (I did have a lost voice scenario a week or two ago) but it does feel a bit less protruding and marble like. Whether that is in my own hopeful head, I don’t know yet but it’s a much happier feeling than thinking it might have increased let me tell you! I have another MRI scheduled to measure progress so I’ll know more in March what I’m facing. Until then, I’m staying positive, keeping busy and more motivated than ever to eat well and properly nourish this body I’ve been blessed with. She’s served me well – she deserves my attention!

Thank you to all my likers, commenters, sharers and friends. You keep me going when it’s tough and sometimes it is tough. Sometimes it is pretty scary too but I know I am doing everything I can to help myself and, if I can help others on the way, it’s a huge bonus!

So what does a daily food intake for a food crank/health freak look like?

Before 7am: small strong coffee

Breakfast 1: two slices of wholemeal, seeded toast with soya butter or almond butter, pot of rooibos tea

Breakfast 2: Kale, blueberry, coconut, ginger and almond milk smoothie with agave and a bagel with red pepper hoummous, rocket, baby spinach and celery

Decaffeinated green tea and a pink lady apple

Lunch: Vegetable burger, large mixed salad and home-made chips, mineral water

2 mugs of detox tea

Dinner: spiralised courgette with fresh pesto and mixed heirloom tomatoes, 2 glasses of mineral water

Mug of elderberry and Echinacea tea

Supper: Bowl of porridge with soya milk and mixed dried berries (blueberries, goldenberries, golden raisins and cranberries) and chia seeds.

And to Elaine, thanks for being friends with this food crank all these years 😀










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