A massive lump in my throat



Sorry I’ve not posted for a few weeks. I took the plunge and had my tumour removed, literally, the lump taken out of my throat. My consultant was so surprised at my change of heart he whipped out his diary and booked me straight in for the operation. The rationale: I’m in optimal health, the tumour was stable, I was likely to recover quickly and be able to forego the radiation treatment provided the tumour pathology was clear. Which it is. Thankfully.

The surgery was three weeks ago today and I’m well on the road to a full recovery. The tumour was trickier to remove than thought, the facial paralysis risk was one in three and I’ve got a lot of nerve damage but my healing has been extremely quick and the scar is completely healed over with no facial weakness. My consultant is nothing short of a dedicated genius!!

Before my admission to hospital I made two weeks worth of food for the family and packed my freezer. I know how powerfully plants can heal so I made sure I had plenty of the infection fighters: onions, garlic, chilli as well as plentiful and varied vegetables and more fruit smoothies than you could shake a stick at. It worked. I’m well, I haven’t gained any weight, despite sitting around for weeks (and boy have I hated that!)

Signpost along the road to recovery.

In short, it’s been painful but largely a hugely positive experience. I learned afresh how much the people around me care about me and once again, highlighted to myself and others, the power of positive thinking and a healthful diet.

On the positive thinking note though, being positive and upbeat doesn’t mean not having down days. It means picking yourself up from them and trying again. People often assume cheery, sunny people are naturally happy. I don’t believe they are any happier than anyone else, they possibly just refuse to let their experiences bring them down for any length of time. Shit happens. It happens to everyone at some point, it’s how you choose to respond to it that matters. I refuse to let the health scare I have had define me, I’d much rather be remembered for how I turned it round.

And with that in mind, I heard yesterday that a young daughter of a close friend had been tasked with writing about someone inspirational for her homework. I’m humbled to say that she wrote about me and my quest to eat myself well, and give myself the best chance of a positive outcome to my health.

If that doesn’t give you a lump in your throat then I don’t know what will 🙂








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