Ten things you always wanted to know about vegans but were afraid to ask (because they’re freaks – obviously!)



I became a vegan quite by accident. I didn’t mean to do it but it sort of happened anyway. Not the most conscientious start to such a radical life change but there it is.

It’s not easy. But it’s not that hard either. I was one of the legions of people who now tell me “I couldn’t do that.” I did not think I could give up pastries, biscuits, cheese, BUTTER and so on…

But it turns out I could. And I can. And I do. And it’s not that bad. Honestly!  It’s difficult not having choices, taking whatever you can, being fully prepared for not being able to eat just about everything at a party or picnic but you do get used to it and, like having a toddler again, I never leave home without snacks. God Bless nakd bars, that’s all I can say 😀



Fun fact about Nakd bars. They are just wholesome fruit and nuts. That’s it. Sign up to Slimming World and they’ll tell you these are higher syn value than their horrible, artificial chocolate cereal bars which are full of crap. A bit like their diet plan then. Oops – did I say that out loud? 😉

Anyway, here’s the answer to the 10 questions you most likely have:

  1. No I don’t really miss anything. Occasionally I would like butter on my toast but I ate some recently by mistake and the fat coated the roof of my mouth. I never noticed that before I gave it up.
  2. I never crave meat. Ever. Not even when you wave your bacon butty under my nose (and people do…)
  3. Not even when I’ve had a wee drink or seven. Nope. Never had a kebab anyway so I’m not missing much!
  4. Yes, I have to take supplements. I take Vit C anyway and have added Vit B complex as Vit B12 only comes from animal sources.
  5. Yes I think I get everything else I need from my plant based diet. But I am having a blood test to check my iodine levels for example. Best to be proactive and check these things out before a problem develops.
  6. No, I never get bored (have you seen the variety of meals I post?)
  7. Yes I get lots of protein. There’s even protein in plants. Did you know that?
  8. No I don’t think it’s unnatural. No I don’t think the ‘natural order’ is for people to eat animals that have been farmed and killed on an industrial scale. Let’s not pretend we’re hunter gatherers. We make ‘food’ in factories. It’s not humane. It’s awful.
  9. No dairy is not ok. Every pint of milk means a calf taken from a mother and that’s cruel. Cows don’t ‘need’ to be milked. They need to suckle their babies. Anyone who has used a breast pump can understand what we are inflicting upon those poor gentle beasts. You don’t think they feel some sort of torment?
  10. And no, I’m not a militant vegan. I don’t thrust my ideals upon anyone. I will if asked but I’m not about to preach. I prefer to lead by example. Educate kindly when suitable and I try to be patient.

Oh my I try to be patient and not say “You think I’m weird? YOU EAT THE FLESH OF DEAD ANIMALS!” *Breathes deeply and keeps such thoughts to herself. Mostly 😉



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