Recipe: Peanut Butter and Cacao Nib Fork Vegan Biscuits


Peanut Butter and Cacao Nib Fork Vegan Biscuits

Peanut Butter and Cacao Nib Fork Vegan Biscuits


  • 75g soft vegetable margarine
  • 50g almond butter (peanut butter would work as well)
  • 60g raw coconut sugar
  • 100g plain flour (or half and half with spelt flour or buckwheat flour)
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 2 Tbsp choco shot (optional)
  • 3 Tbsp. raw cacao nibs (optional)
  • To serve:
  • A jar of Biscoff


  1. Blend margarine with peanut butter and then stir in the sugar
  2. Stir in the flour (and add choco shot if using) to make a dough
  3. Once the dough is formed add the cacao nibs if using
  4. Shape the mixture into 18 balls. Space them out onto baking trays and flatten each slightly with a fork
  5. Bake each tray for about 10 (keep an eye on them) minutes at 200Oc/180Oc fan/ Gas 5 until light brown
  6. Leave to cool slightly before very carefully transferring them to a cooling rack


Sandwich these together with the Biscoff spread for a fabulously rich and nutty little mouthful of goodness!

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