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Eating sensibly, healthily and within a family budget is not easy but it is not impossible either. I’m 44 and approximately the same size as I was at 20.

No fads, no diets, no mad exercise regime, no surgery, no fasting, no calorie counting, no weighing, no food groups excluded.

Put simply, it works for me. I have started this blog purely because I read so much about diets and see adverts on social media for various products and fads. It really upsets me that people who are looking for simple solutions are being sold diets and products with limited value and minimal long term benefits.

I’m not a nutrition expert, nor an exercise guru. I don’t have a gym membership and I do know what it is like to have to lose weight. I gained three stone with my first pregnancy and I know how it feels to only get your pre-pregnancy jeans half way up your thighs.

I am studying for a doctorate in psychology and I believe that our attitudes to ourselves, how we look, how we feel and what we eat are best approached with a nod to science and a large dose of self-empowerment.



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